Sunday, January 13, 2008

Proposal: Forced Hand

timed out, final vote 5-2—Yoda

Adminned at 15 Jan 2008 14:16:44 UTC

Add a sub-rule to the ‘Gunslinging’ rule, named ‘Forced Hand’, with the following text:

Each Player has a statistic tracked in the GNDT named Forced Hand, which may have a value of ‘-’ or the name of any active player. All players begin with a Forced Hand of ‘-’, and may change their Forced Hand at any time back to ‘-’.

As a Weekly action, a player may Force the Hand of another targeted player, by making a post to that effect in the main blog and changing their Forced Hand in the GNDT to the targeted player.

If another player challenges a player to a shootout who has him as the target of a Forced Hand, the shootout will be resolved immediately, without figuring the players’ Quick Draw, and with the challenged player automatically winning the draw.




13-01-2008 17:08:19 UTC

I’m not sure I get this. Basically a player chooses a Forced Hand, and if the Forced Hand of a player challenges him, the player draws first?


13-01-2008 18:12:33 UTC



13-01-2008 18:14:13 UTC

the “flavor” is that the player forcing the hand is pointing a gun at the other. not really necessary for the rule, but it may not have been obvious.


13-01-2008 18:24:07 UTC

Okay, makes more sense now.


13-01-2008 22:22:21 UTC

against I’m not really sure if we need this.

Darknight: he/him

13-01-2008 22:41:13 UTC

imperial too confused to be one way or the other


13-01-2008 22:44:32 UTC

The use I could see for this is in the case that it’s you and one other person in the pot, this could be used to discourage the other person from challenging you to a shootout and possibly taking the pot.


13-01-2008 22:48:41 UTC

You can still run away if they do challenge you.


13-01-2008 23:00:30 UTC

Eh, true. But then you become Yellow. I don’t mind precautionary measures.


14-01-2008 00:09:24 UTC



14-01-2008 00:36:04 UTC

and you lose the pot if you run away, i think


14-01-2008 01:14:56 UTC

“Let’s see those cards now…”, or “Don’t touch that money…”

Allows a bit of escalation (or deterrent) before the shootout. Also can get a Mexican standoff going with this.


14-01-2008 01:15:03 UTC

You don’t lose the pot if you become yellow.  You just can’t raise.


14-01-2008 03:20:13 UTC

An interesting strategic opportunity.  for


14-01-2008 06:12:37 UTC