Sunday, November 19, 2017

Format of Tessered acts on wiki

I changed the format of Tessered acts on the wiki to indicate who owns the act (important since they can change owners) and to show the exact text that was posted (as the rule states). Also I suggest we do not change the number indicating the length of the Tessered act (this was done previously as a countdown), as I feel this makes things more confusing.



11-20-2017 02:42:24 UTC

You deleted the other post? It was entirely possible some other people thought they acted in the same way you did and would have benefited from the clarification.

Anyway, as to the changes you’re missing the amount of times the acts were boosted. I’ll add them back in.


11-20-2017 08:11:35 UTC

I deleted it because I was wrong and I didn’t want to pollute the blog, but yeah maybe it wasn’t a good idea.
The boosts are still there, before the date. I’ll make them more obvious.