Sunday, June 24, 2018

Proposal: Friendly Reward

self-killed failed by card

Adminned at 26 Jun 2018 01:47:43 UTC

create the following card named “Friendly Reward” under “Tricks”:

Score: 3
Constraint: Can only be played if you are friendly to a community.
Up effect: Draw a card.
Down effect: Force a wizard to discard a card of their choice from their hand, if they have one or more cards in their hand.


Kevan: City he/him

24-06-2018 14:52:26 UTC

The Down effect requiring a second person to make a choice as part of its effect makes things weird. I play this card on you, but you’re asleep and won’t be checking the game for another eight hours. What happens?



24-06-2018 16:25:05 UTC

against It could work if it was something like: “If target wizard doesn’t discard a card within two days, all cards in their hand are put in the deck.”


24-06-2018 16:26:59 UTC

Well, we don’t have a “deck” (instead the cards would be simply removed from their hand), but you know what I mean, right?

derrick: he/him

24-06-2018 22:29:36 UTC


One of the hardest parts about blognomic is the weird format. Many game mechanics that make sense face to face don’t work here, mostly because of timing issues. This dynasty is even harder because we’re working on a game mechanic that is well understood in face to face play but not in the blognomic format.

I suspect you could say “A wizard of your choosing must discard a card before they may play any cards.” But even that might run afoul of the “All variables must be tracked or calculated” principle.

Thanks for suggesting cards though. We need all that we can get!

Brendan: he/him

25-06-2018 04:35:46 UTC



25-06-2018 19:19:22 UTC