Thursday, March 02, 2006

From the IRC

public Conversation heard on the IRC:

Bucky> interesting move Smith

***removed due to objections by Angry Grasshopper

Bucky> Really, though, your DoV was the perfect thing to make mine look reasonable.
Bucky> The combined effect will probable end the game.

somewhat stripped down



03-02-2006 02:39:52 UTC

DO NOT COMMENT!  I am fixing the lines to say who said them.

Elias IX:

03-02-2006 02:39:52 UTC

the point of this post being what?

Angry Grasshopper:

03-02-2006 02:40:49 UTC

As tempting as it is to post chat logs, it really isn’t kosher to do so without the consent of all parties, even if there is nothing scandalous in the text. Of course, we really don’t have a Nomic Bill of Rights..


03-02-2006 02:41:55 UTC

Thanks.  Now I can’t remove it.

Elias IX:

03-02-2006 02:43:11 UTC

ooh, simultaneous comments.

Elias IX:

03-02-2006 02:44:47 UTC

It’s not official. Remove away.

Angry Grasshopper:

03-02-2006 02:45:22 UTC

Bucky, it’s not actually an official post. You can delete it if you want with no repercussions. It’s only the official posts that can’t be removed after comment.


03-03-2006 00:17:10 UTC

Yep.  Non official posts can be edited anytime, can be removed anytime, by anyone who has the Power to do so.  You just can’t make ‘em into an /official/ post.