Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Front Runners

As a perused the book, communities came and went. some boosted by wizards, some laid low.

I believe the legacy count (without infamy! infamy!) passing is currently:

Card: 31 (Far island, Native Tribe, Swamp)
Kevan: 31 (Far island, Native Tribe, Swamp, hidden secret keepers )
Trigon: 30 (Native tribe, Swamp) (Red plains, far island)
Brendan: 25 (Far island, Swamp) (native tribe)
9spaceking: 13 (swamp)
Jumble: 13 (red plains, far island, hidden secret keepers)
Coronoa: 3 ()(red Plains)

We have 3 ruins, 2 towns, and 3 cities


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