Monday, August 23, 2021

Proposal: Fun Facts About Ducks

Self-killed. -Bucky

Adminned at 25 Aug 2021 17:01:31 UTC

Add a new dynastic rule called “Trivia” with the following text

The commentary field on a proposal may include a paragraph which begins with the phrase “Did you know ” and the rest of the paragraph is a statement which the proposal’s author believes to be interesting. If it does, it is said to Contain Trivia (otherwise it does not contain trivia)

A proposal is Interesting if its Contains Trivia and the number of EVCs on it not written by its author include the phrase “Interesting” is greater than or equal to half the number of EVCs on it not written by its author. Legislators are encouraged to include “Interesting” in their EVC if they believe the statement given to be an interesting and true statement. The Wielder of Vetoes is encouraged to veto proposals which contain trivia, but for which they believe the supplied statement is actually false

Each Legislator has a publicly tracked non-negative integer number of Trivia Points which defaults to 0.

When an Interesting Proposal is resolved, if it is not vetoed or self-killed, its author gains 1 Trivia Point.

Add the following to the “The Veto List” or “The Mandate List”

It Contains Trivia

Did you know that ducks are able to sleep with one eye open? (jury is still out on whether they can also grip their pillow tight but due to lack of opposable thumbs most scientists believe the answer is “no”)



23-08-2021 17:03:25 UTC

You haven’t stated how Trivia Points are tracked – you might want to throw a “publicly tracked” in there.


23-08-2021 17:04:35 UTC

Also, there’s a typo in the first sentence of the second paragraph: it should say “including” rather than “include”.

Clucky: he/him

23-08-2021 17:23:49 UTC

i thought we made it so that information by default is publically tracked. musta been a fever dream or something.


23-08-2021 19:22:43 UTC

I think it’s okay, just… not as exciting as I would’ve hoped this dynasty to be.

Lulu: she/her

23-08-2021 20:30:23 UTC

against please no ducks

Clucky: he/him

23-08-2021 22:08:35 UTC

the trivia you share doesn’t have to be about ducks! it could be about bears! or eggplant! or star wars! or whatever other cool things you want to inform us about!


23-08-2021 22:46:45 UTC


Given that commentary isn’t considered part of the post, I’m not convinced it’s possible for a proposal to Contain Trivia.

Even past that, this mandate seems too trivial.

Clucky: he/him

23-08-2021 23:08:29 UTC

its not supposed to be a hard mandate its just supposed to be a fun mandate

Lulu: she/her

23-08-2021 23:56:38 UTC

I don’t like ducks

Janet: she/her

24-08-2021 01:04:39 UTC

against per Bucky’s concern about the definition of contain trivia.

Also, ducks are evil.

Clucky: he/him

24-08-2021 01:27:41 UTC

I don’t understand the “proposals can’t contain trivia” argument isn’t the definition of what counts as trivia pretty clear?


24-08-2021 02:23:58 UTC

It’s weird because you’ve redefined “contain” to mean something other than the English word “contain” (I think the trivia is technically beside/beneath the proposal, rather than contained within it). I think it’s possible to do redefinitions like that in a nomic, though, so I think this works.


24-08-2021 02:25:47 UTC

As for this proposal itself, I like the sentiment (and was considering something similar myself), but think a) it may be a bit too general as to what sort of trivia is allowed, and b) the “Interesting” EVC vote is unlikely to have the same effect (we did something very similar with flavour-arrows once and people played it overly mechanically rather than arrowing honestly).

I’m somewhere between DEF and FOR, as a consequence, and am still thinking about it.

Clucky: he/him

24-08-2021 02:54:20 UTC

I mean yeah you can define a term to mean whatever you want in nomic. But I think there is a problem that “If it does, it is said to Contain Trivia (otherwise it does not contain trivia)” probably just means the flavor text Contains Trivia. That doesn’t mean the proposal Contains Trivia. So whoever were to get the last proposal up before this passes could probably argue that no proposal can contain trivia and thus they win.

against to be safe


24-08-2021 08:00:33 UTC


Darknight: he/him

24-08-2021 11:14:41 UTC


Raven1207: he/they

24-08-2021 23:46:45 UTC


Trapdoorspyder: he/him

25-08-2021 13:21:02 UTC


Josh: he/they

25-08-2021 14:34:35 UTC

The people voting on this after it’s been self-killed do know that no empathy accrues on a self-killed proposal, right?