Monday, March 12, 2007

Further discussion on Secret GNDT Stats

The following points were not expressed at all in the discussion on the original proposal.  Discussion closed before I had the chance to respond.
1) The reason for putting the encrypted fields in the GNDT is so that anyone authorized to access a value can do so with no delay, so that anyone else relying on that value can do so immediately. 
2) The “outside source” for the encryption tool was the old Blognomic page.
3) The existence of keys for secret values allows the trading of keys between Agents, without the Mastermind knowing about it.  Any new system should keep this feature.

With those in mind, how do you think wecret calues should be handled?



03-12-2007 17:37:03 UTC

My biggest problem with this was the method of deciding who gets to encryption key.  If it’s given to the first person to enter a value, then it’s just a fire drill to get a benefit.  I like the existence of keys to various aspects, but instead of making them field specific, what if we make them agent specific?  Namely, each agent has a key to their own file, which the mastermind also possesses.  This means that the agent can access, and change, their information at anytime, but can’t mess with anyone else. 

As for trading keys, it could be a manner in which you can prove your affiliation, or something else…perhaps even allowing for the creation of “false” files which can be traded to each other, or something similiar?


03-13-2007 01:12:30 UTC

I thought it would be more topic related; Each Agent could have their own key for GNDT stats, but certain stats (like Codename) might have mission-specific keys which are only given to Agents on that mission, for example.

Also, if each group (World, Mastermind, and both Double Agents) had there own Wiki page with its own key for instructions to and from the Mastermind, that could also work.

On that subject, we could have group Wiki accounts, with the password as the key…