Friday, March 01, 2013

Galactic Cartographer

Now that the proposal “The Final Frontier” has been enacted and the Galaxy Map created, I (unofficially) nominate myself to be “Galactic Cartographer”. Should the map or any data associated with Sectors or Starlanes need to be updated or added, I will take care of updating the graph and the corresponding image. I have the source code which generated the image of the Galaxy Map (and I will make it available should someone else ever need to take over this job) which facilitates making nearly arbitrary changes to the graph.

I am also requesting wiki access in order to maintain the Galaxy Map page and image. Once I have access, as promised I will start by updating the image to a newer version that does not contain any overlapping Starlanes.


RaichuKFM: she/her

01-03-2013 03:15:17 UTC

I think Josh, Klisz, Purplebeard and Kevan are the current active Wiki Admins; You can PM one of them for wiki access methinks. But I think you’ll need to make a Proposal to change the map to the unambiguous one; I’d link to it this time as opposed to embedding.


01-03-2013 03:30:01 UTC

for That’s very nice of you. Perhaps it could turn into an official position with certain perks in the future?


01-03-2013 03:50:45 UTC

for  per Skju.  Plus you could always apply to be an admin


01-03-2013 03:54:24 UTC

RaichuKFM: You raise an interesting point regarding “changing” the map.

As the rule states, the Galaxy Map is an undirected graph whose structure is defined by the diagram. However, the graph (as in, the mathematical object that is a set of vertices and a set of edges) is not the same thing as the diagram (which is just a pictorial representation of those vertices and edges). There are many diagrams that describe the same graph. Therefore, if I draw the same graph in a different way (as I plan to do) then I haven’t actually “changed” the map, because the set of vertices and the set of edges haven’t changed.

Of course, all of that is completely out the window if the original map is actually ambiguous, because then we can’t agree that both diagrams actually describe the same graph. In that case, a Proposal would be needed to “redefine” the graph to an unambiguous version.

Skju: A rule making this position official might be something to consider (I certainly have been thinking about it) once there are resources, etc. defined by the rules. However, I feel it might be unfair for me to write this rule, which would give bonuses and duties to a position I plan to fill. I’ll defer to the other Captains as to what duties they expect me, or another Cartographer, to fulfill and what perks they would grant for doing this.


01-03-2013 04:41:19 UTC

Another important thing I’ve thought of—for the new players (such as myself), where and how do we use the COLOR command in the GNDT?


01-03-2013 09:04:37 UTC

Wiki account made.

To get a random colour, write ‘COLOR’ or ‘COLOUR’ in a GNDT comment (you don’t have to fill in any statistic to have it show up). Rule 3.2.1 has info on other neat things the GNDT can generate if you need inspiration for future proposals.


01-03-2013 13:51:47 UTC

Okay, map has been fixed and I’ll be updating it directly on the wiki from now on.