Monday, October 26, 2009

Proposal: Gamekeeper

Timed out 6 votes to 4, enacted by Kevan. +10 to Kevan.

Adminned at 28 Oct 2009 07:31:51 UTC

Reword Rule 2.9 (Games) to:-

As a weekly action, any Player may start a Subgame with themselves as its GM, by spending one or more Points and making a story post with the title prefix “Subgame:”. A Subgame post must include the following information:-

  • The name of the Subgame.
  • Any rules for playing the Subgame.
  • A definition of how and when the Winner will be determined.
  • The Stake (a value equal to number of points paid by the GM during the Subgame’s creation).

Once a Subgame post has been made, and before it has been won, any Player may join the defined Subgame by spending a number of Points equal to the Subgame’s Stake, and then posting a comment to that post containing a FOR icon. The GM of a Subgame is automatically considered to be playing that Subgame.

The Pot is equal to the Stake, multiplied by the number of Players who are playing the Subgame. The first player to achieve the specified win condition in a Subgame they have joined has won that Subgame. Upon winning a Subgame, the winner is awarded Points equal to that Subgame’s Pot.

Rewriting the “Games” rule to be more of a challenge-and-gamble thing, and giving a way for players to actually start new games (we currently have no Game Master, and no way to assign one).



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10-26-2009 14:30:55 UTC

Watch this space for a limerick contest.


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10-26-2009 16:43:18 UTC

Let’s play ‘transfer me points without paying the fee’.  The Gamemaster wins immediately after another player joins.

So,  against .  The Gamemaster shouldn’t be a player.  This also means that I can’t trust spikebrennan’s limerick contest.


10-26-2009 16:57:54 UTC

Sure, how about a quick round of “persuading Bucky to pay 80 points to start the Transfer game, then refusing to play against him”?

The transfer fee is only two points, I can’t see that a weekly-action workaround is going to end the world. Letting the Gamesmaster play seems worthwhile for allowing honest “20 points says nobody here can beat me at Yahoo Scrabble” type challenges.


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10-26-2009 19:14:41 UTC

@Kevan: So Yahoo UK got the Hasbro licensing, and didn’t need to call it “Literati”? Good for them.

Ienpw III:

10-26-2009 19:32:52 UTC

against We already have Games.

Ienpw III:

10-26-2009 20:36:02 UTC

Oh, my bad I didn’t read it properly. Still against


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10-27-2009 09:25:27 UTC

Note that this fixes some problems under the current rule (which are currently inaccessible due to the lack of Game Master); Bucky’s “transfer points without paying a fee” is small beer compared to the current rule’s “my Team wins automatically at no cost to me” game.


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