Thursday, January 12, 2006

Gamestate != Ruleset

The text from offer:

*’’’Command’’’: “offer [Item]”
*’’’Steps added’’’: 2.
*’’’Other effects’’’: The Protagonist must announce his offering via a Blognomic post within 1 hour of taking the Action.  The Result of the Action may be added only by the Narrator.  The text in the Result affects the gamestate in whatever way it describes.  If the Result has any effect on the gamestate, the Protagonist’s Item Held is changed to Generic Receipt.
*’’’Criteria’’’: [Item] is the Protagonist’s current Item Held.  No Protagonist may make Offering more frequently than Often.

The statement from the Ruleset:

The Ruleset and Gamestate can only be changed when the Ruleset specifically permits their being changed.

What somehow happened:

“Therefore, the following listed items are the only effects of your (still very much appreciated) Offering:
1. Your (Elias IX’s) Item Held is changed to Awesomest Cheese.
2. Location “The Holy Furnace” is renamed “The Furnace of Benevolence”
3. Location “The Furnace of Benevolence” has Description set to “A furnace is set on the wall opposite the entrance of the tree. Next to the furnace is a sign reading, “Here were many Temptations resisted”.
4. The “Offering” Action is abolished—that is, deleted—from the Ruleset and all other existence.



01-12-2006 20:30:14 UTC

A good point to discuss. I understood the gamestate to include all game data, such as: GNDT variables, proposals, votes, Protagonists, wiki-tracked information, and the ruleset text itself.

I wonder if I am in the minority with this notion.

Angry Grasshopper:

01-13-2006 04:19:57 UTC

Gamestate is all data pertaining to the game. Everything else is, site layout, forms, etc., is not part of the gamestate, unless some rule makes it so.

I guess that I concur with your opinion.