Monday, January 28, 2008

Gang Post: Robbery, anyone?

I need a gang. Now.

Ready to rob that train?



28-01-2008 02:20:01 UTC

I’ll join.

I’m not playing in the hand anyway, and I can just grab some of Uncle Sam’s money if I become Wounded.


28-01-2008 09:49:28 UTC

Count me in.


28-01-2008 14:28:12 UTC

Okay, Rodlen.  You have a gang of three, so you’re free to begin your robbery attempt.


28-01-2008 23:06:25 UTC

Rodlen sent me first to get the attention of the guards, while the other two rode along the other side of the train.  I was hoping on being able to get onto the train without being noticed, but that varmit Zeke spotted me.  He [DICE5:4] was a quicker draw than me [DICE5:3], but luckily not much of a shot as he missed [DICE2:2].  I had no trouble taking aim, and got Zeke deep in the shoulder [DICE2:1].  Still cursing that he outdrew me, I clambered on to the moving train.

(I’m assuming I’m player 3, and that I’m free to roll my own shootout)


29-01-2008 03:55:31 UTC

I look around. Hank.  Waiting by the train. He glances towards me.  I draw a bit better than he does (5 against 4), and I shoot him.  In the foot. (1).  I go on the train.


29-01-2008 04:29:02 UTC

Beau doesn’t even stand a chance against my fast quick draw (2v1) and I promptly shoot him before he gets a chance to respond.(1)

Well, that was really good of us.


29-01-2008 04:38:16 UTC

I greedily open the safes, count the money, and find a total of $95 [4DICE50:95].  We share it our amongst ourselves, and end up with $31 each… I toss two dollars to the wounded guards, before pulling the brakes on the train, and jumping out.

(Well… that doesn’t seem like much of a haul, really…)


29-01-2008 05:38:17 UTC

Wow, Beau had a sucky quick draw.


29-01-2008 06:40:35 UTC

I was certain Iammars was gonna get creamed… I guess he was lucky!


29-01-2008 13:04:39 UTC

Yeah, same here. I just joined the gang on a “What the heck” impulse. I’m working on a proposal for a way to improve people’s Quick Draw.