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Failed 6-2—Evil Dictator Rodlen

Adminned at 14 Jul 2008 11:06:19 UTC

If the proposal Character Sheets does not pass, this proposal does nothing

Create a sub-rule of the rule Character Sheets named attributes. Give it the following text:

Each Adventurer has a integer numeric value for a number of attributes which are listed below and tracked on the character sheet. Each attribute has a three letter abbreviation by which it can be refereed to and a brief description of what the attribute effects. When an adventurer joins the game, all of eir attributes start out as “unassigned”. If a player has one or more unassigned attributes, e may roll a 5 DICE6’s in the GNDT and sum any three of the resulting roles. E must then pick one of his attributes which is “unassigned” and gives that attribute the value of the resulting sum.

An adventurer may at any point spend X^2 (X squared) XP to increase an attribute by one, where X is the current level of that attribute.

Attributes are follows, with their three letter abbreviation and then their brief description.

* Strength - STR - physical strength
* Dexterity - DEX - agility and speed
* Constitution - CON - ability to resist damage and disease
* Intelligence - INT - mental acuity
* Wisdom - WIS - intuition and sense of things around himself
* Charisma - CHA - force of personality and physical attractiveness
* Voraciousness - VOR - ability to consume large quantities of food and drink

Make the attributes of every adventurer “unassigned”.



07-12-2008 18:29:42 UTC


Too many stats for my taste.  VOR is fine, but I don’t think we should have more than 5 total.  My list would be:

Strength - STR
Speed - SPD
Magic - SPL
Social - SOC

and possibly VOR as above.


07-12-2008 18:48:57 UTC

against I agree.  Also, I don’t like the way you gain the starting values.  I would rather see an adventurer get so many points to spread across the skills as they please.

Amnistar: HE/HIM

07-12-2008 19:04:50 UTC

against Yea, easy enough to move them to skills, which I think would work better.

Clucky: HE/HIM

07-12-2008 19:15:45 UTC

But the randomness is more DnD style Yoda. Same with using all the stats, outside of VOR which I added simply because I can.

And having them as skills would be stupid. Skills and attributes are completely different things.


07-12-2008 19:30:43 UTC

I don’t have a proposal slot free, but I was going to make the starting attributes equal to [Race bonus]
+ [Class Bonus] + DICE4.

Clucky: HE/HIM

07-12-2008 19:38:03 UTC

But then we would need race bonuses and class bonuses. And that would be racist. And classist.

If the number of attributes are a problem, we can always just axe attributes later.


07-12-2008 20:30:16 UTC

For the record, I only used the term “Dungeon Master” because I couldn’t think of a better name, not because I wanted this to be a strictly D&D;dynasty.  I would rather sacrifice some randomness so we can start new players on somewhat of an equal footing.  (I was planning on letting new players spread a number of skill points equal to 1 less than the total of the lowest player when they join.)


07-12-2008 20:35:59 UTC


Darknight: HE/HIM

07-13-2008 01:16:43 UTC



07-13-2008 08:27:06 UTC



07-14-2008 03:41:04 UTC


I agree with Yoda, this isn’t DnD even if it’s styled as an RPG, and a point-buy system is more equitable than random rolls.

I also agree that there are too many attributes proposed by this. Taking from Bucky, I think the following would be more streamlined:

Strength - STR for strength/constitution
Agility - AGL for dexterity
Will - WLL combining magic, intelligence/wisdom and charisma

And then VOR, etc.

I personally like these abbreviations better than what Bucky put because they’re more easily distinguishable from each other and don’t all begin with the same letter.

Clucky: HE/HIM

07-14-2008 11:00:20 UTC

Where in the ruleset does it define what kind of RPG this is?

Amnistar: HE/HIM

07-14-2008 15:59:02 UTC

It doesn’t.  But the DM has declared what king of RPG he was EXPECTING it to be.


07-14-2008 17:22:50 UTC

I don’t think I have ever known the theme to actually be stated in the ruleset.  Correct me if I’m wrong, though.


07-14-2008 17:33:50 UTC

And, yes, I like Dustin’s ideas better than Bucky’s.  We can make STR, AGL, WLL, and either Constitution or Defense the combat skills that make up the overall level of the character and use VOR, CHA, and some others for non-combat skills that may affect certain other situations.

Let me know if you like this:

When an Adventurer joins, they gain 5*N skill points, where N is the number of non-combat skills, to spread over the non-combat skills as they choose.

After the First Test, Adventurers gain 3*C plus DICE(2*C) skill points, where C is the number of combat skills, to spread over the combat skills as they choose.

We could also make it to where after a certain time, new adventurers gain a number of skill points equal to one less than the adventurer with the lowest total in each category.


07-14-2008 17:35:11 UTC

On a side note, does anyone know how to get the IE to stop caching the wiki pages?  It’s getting kind of annoying.

Clucky: HE/HIM

07-14-2008 17:55:30 UTC

Use firefox? Seriously, as a person who works with web developers, using IE causes them a lot of pain and using it is selfish =P.

(Actually, I don’t think FF fixes the problem. Its some setting somewhere. I think someone made a wikipage as a guide).

Also if you ask me, getting into combat and non-combat skills is getting too complex. Also you basically just ratteled off more skills than I mentioned, but everyone was like ‘omg too many skillz’