Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ascension Address: Generic Ascension address

In the wake of Goldberg Technology’s bankruptcy filing and subsequent liquidation, some employee or other dug up an old design for a generic manufacturing device.  The intellectual property rights involved had ended up in the public domain after a New York-based company acquired a block of 100 patents in bulk in order to use 7 of them, the rest being dismissed as useless.  Since this was publicized yesterday, eight companies have expressed interest in developing the technology further, and we expect intense competition in this emerging niche.

Repeal all Dynastic Rules but 2.2 (the subrules of 2.2 are also repealed).  Worker becomes Corporation.  CEO becomes Government.  Net Worth becomes Cash, which is now measured in Megabucks(M$).


Kevan: HE/HIM

06-07-2007 15:19:54 UTC

I’ve just tried posting to the Ascension Alert list, but Yahoo won’t let me post anything because my email address is bouncing (and their link to fix this is giving an error message).

There are some other players who have posting rights on there, but none are active. Is there anyone else on the list who’d like moderator status?


06-07-2007 16:32:58 UTC

Yes, please

Kevan: HE/HIM

06-07-2007 19:03:13 UTC

There you go.