Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Proposal: Gerry’s Game

Cannot pass at 1-7. Failed by Brendan.

Adminned at 21 Sep 2016 22:54:35 UTC

Add a new rule called “Council Meetings” with the following text:

As a Weekly Communal Action, any Councillor may Call a Council Meeting. To do so, they must perform the following steps in the following order, and may not take any other game action until they are complete.

  1. In a single GNDT comment, announce that they are Calling a Council Meeting, and roll DICE10 twice. The first result is X and the second is Y.
  2. In each row of the table on the [[Auld Anchorage]] wiki page, swap the supported Parties of the Xth and Yth Blocks (counting left to right).
  3. From this point forward in this Council Meeting, treat X as Y and Y as X.
  4. Swap the entire Xth row of the table on the [[Auld Anchorage]] wiki page with the Yth row—keeping the ordinal numbers in the correct places, but otherwise exchanging all Blocks, which retain their Constituency membership and Party support.
  5. Edit this rule to move step 4 up two places so that it becomes the new step 2, and the former steps 2 and 3 become the new steps 3 and 4, respectively.
  6. Post a GNDT comment announcing that the Council Meeting is complete.

If the Proposal “We don’t have one of these yet, right?” has passed, replace the first paragraph of the rule “Council Meetings” with the following:

As a Weekly Communal Action, any Councillor may Call a Council Meeting. This is an Atomic Action, as follows:

Steps 3 and 5 don’t have any real effect yet, but if people are amenable to this idea, I’d like to tack things onto the list until they do.



09-20-2016 22:51:19 UTC

against Random party drift seems useful, but swapping rows and fragmenting constituencies seems like it goes too far against the elaborately contiguous beauty of gerrymandering.


09-21-2016 00:38:58 UTC



09-21-2016 01:01:56 UTC



09-21-2016 08:47:20 UTC

against I’m going to also put forward that this would be a nightmare to carry out on a phone. I’m not 100% sure that that’s a worthwhile test to apply consistently, but as I’ll probably mostly be playing this dynasty through 4G my own interest will likely consistently point in this direction.


09-21-2016 13:39:04 UTC

against Just makes my head hurt.


09-21-2016 16:34:14 UTC



09-21-2016 22:46:22 UTC