Friday, July 18, 2008

Get Me Out of this Damn Closet

Unidle me. Not sure how much I’ll play this dynasty because there’s so many complex rules I missed the proposing of… we’ll see. Simple is sweet, lads.



07-18-2008 22:05:20 UTC

Not really anything complex yet…Items will probably be the most complex thing we’ll have, other than that, nothign really interacts.


07-19-2008 04:41:12 UTC

Done, since it seems like no one else is gonna do it.  (Amnistar…)

Quorum rises to 8.

Note: Since you are an Admin, you can just unidle yourself if you don’t want to wait on someone else to do it.  You would still have to make a post anouncing your return, though.


07-19-2008 08:14:51 UTC

Ah, good point Yoda. I guess I just don’t FEEL like one… :)


07-20-2008 19:41:53 UTC

There is a chance that I am coming back at the beginning of the next Dynasty.  There shall be more muffins, though I doubt anyone knows what I’m talking about.