Monday, January 05, 2009

Get Relics out there

Factions should create means of gaining control of their faction relics.  And please, ensure that it is done in such a way that a member that is not part of your faction could feasibly posses the relic.



01-05-2009 00:33:55 UTC

So says Mr. “I get to choose who gets the M relic” Amnistar.


01-05-2009 02:42:12 UTC

Technically true, but it can be held by someone that isn’t MIC.


01-05-2009 03:52:25 UTC

You know, you hold an unfair amount of power. Without your consent, nobody can win.


01-05-2009 03:52:41 UTC

That’s more power than even Rodlen.


01-05-2009 04:26:41 UTC

That’s bureaucracy for ya.


01-05-2009 09:07:44 UTC

But I only hold my power by the will of the people.  All it takes is a majority of MIC to kick me out and there you have it.


01-05-2009 10:34:40 UTC

plus, I told the MIC group that I was expecting more limitations, they’re the one that shuffled things around a bit.

Also, as it stands, if you leave MIC and have the Relic and your class is Loyal then..I can’t give the relic to anyone else…I don’t think.


01-05-2009 14:32:24 UTC

Actually, once they leave MIC they are no longer a citizen of MIC and do not have a class statistic within MIC; therefore, you can give the relic to someone else because the person who has it would not be considered Loyal outside MIC.


01-06-2009 01:39:37 UTC

Actually, I believe all three factions have Class now, so your class would remain “Loyal” until something in your new faction changed it.


01-06-2009 02:29:03 UTC

But the MIC ruleset does not apply to those who are Idle in MIC.  Even though the other Factions’ rulesets define a Class statistic, that Class does not carry over.  According to MIC that Citizen no longer has a Class until he comes back to MIC, at which point his Class becomes what it was when he left MIC.  Between when he leaves and when he comes back, he has no Class according to MIC.