Friday, November 06, 2009

Proposal: Get to know your neighbour

Self-killed. Josh

Adminned at 07 Nov 2009 13:50:14 UTC

Add the following rule to the ruleset, entitled Meta Magic:

Spells can be cast vertically as well as horizontally. If the GNDT workbench records for several consecutively-listed Apprentices, when read vertically from top to bottom using runes in the same workbench position, forms a configuration that would - if it were found horizontally in a single Apprentice’s workbench - have an effect as defined elsewhere in the ruleset, then it forms a meta-magical structure.

Any Apprentice whose workbench contains a rune that is part of a meta-magical structure may apply the effect (which will be the same as the horizontal equivalent of that rune combination) of that structure on all of the players whose runes form a part of that meta-magical structure, including themselves. This effect may not be invoked for a meta-magical structure any more often than its horizontal equivalent.



11-06-2009 16:50:51 UTC

against “have an effect” is pretty vague.  I mean, even my workbench’s mere existence as “AXXXX” could be argued to have an effect.

That aside, it’s not always going to be clear what is meant by “apply the effect of that structure on all of the players whose runes form a part of [it]”.

Apathetic Lizardman:

11-06-2009 17:38:58 UTC

against Sort of confusing. I like the concept though.


11-06-2009 17:46:31 UTC



11-06-2009 17:46:47 UTC



11-06-2009 17:54:33 UTC

against I like the concept too, though.


11-06-2009 17:54:36 UTC

against Fun, but I don’t think “apply the effect” is going to work very neatly with existing and future spell effects.


11-06-2009 18:18:10 UTC

I left the wording vague because we have no idea what the effects.of spells will be, or will be limited to, yet, and I didn’t want to proscribe or presume until that was clear; my intent was that this could be amended as needed.

Nevertheless, I’m not going to repropose this, so if anyone wants to take the idea and make it into something they think is workable then they have my blessing.

Ienpw III:

11-06-2009 20:42:31 UTC

against I, too, like the concept.


11-07-2009 21:49:39 UTC

against Self-killed for the queue.