Saturday, September 19, 2009

Proposal: Getting a fix on my aggression

Times out 6-0, after an entire freakin’ week -Darth

Adminned at 25 Sep 2009 14:54:54 UTC

Repeal rule “2.6 Attacking Your Friends”

Create a new rule called “Aggression”:

A Survivor (the Attacker) can perform up to two Aggression Rolls per day when the rules allows the Survivor to do so. If taking an action requires to perform an Aggression Roll, but that Survivor has already performed two or more Aggression Rolls that day, the action cannot be taken.

Before the Aggression Roll is performed, the Attacker chooses another Survivor (the Attacked), Then, the Attacker makes a roll of DICEX in the GNDT, including the name of the Attacked in the comment. The value of X is calculated as follows: subtract the Stamina of the Attacked from the Stamina of the Attacker, then add 10 to that number, then if a rule or effect states that the Attacker has a modifier on Aggression Rolls they perform add that modifier; if the value of X is lower than 5, it is 5 instead.

The Aggression Roll succeeds if the result of the roll is equal to or greater than 5 plus any modifier the Attacked has against Aggresion Rolls, if a rule or effect states such a modifier.

Now, from here on, if you want to use special kinds of attacks, make them all use Aggression rolls are defined here. You might also notice that this banishes the weekly free attack. However, at the same time provides a framework for new attack enabling rules that are a little faster paced. Finally, I found that the original rule “Attacking Your Friends” was very ambiguously phrased in certain points, and not very flexible.


redtara: they/them

19-09-2009 16:06:14 UTC



19-09-2009 17:11:50 UTC

for , although the ‘+10’ along with changing the threshold of success from 5 to 9 seems overkill, and it should be 1x per day rather than 2x per day to give the other guy a chance to react in the middle.


19-09-2009 17:29:59 UTC



19-09-2009 19:12:41 UTC


arthexis: he/him

19-09-2009 19:14:06 UTC

@bucky: but this rule doesn’t allow you to attack anything in fact, it just says that, if a rule allows you to attack, you can do so no more than two types per day.

Imagine this situation: you have a gun you can shot, and also a shovel and a baseball bat. If each of the three items have an “attack action” you can only use at most two. However, if those items specify their action as a daily action, still you can, for example, shoot your gun just once per day.

arthexis: he/him

19-09-2009 19:16:26 UTC

Also, notice that in my ‘+10’ this is actually better than what we have now, because on the old system, the lowest possible roll was 10, and in the new one, you can have a lower roll if you’re really bad, but at least it will be possible to hit because the minimum is 5.

Also, not all aggression rolls incur damage per se, because the aggression rule says nothing about that, the actual attack action is what says what the effect of the succesfull aggresion roll is.


19-09-2009 21:05:21 UTC

@arthexis, are you sure you want to do this? It seems to give quite a bit of advantage to the non-Infected, by making it relatively easy to attack zombies into oblivion. All that’s needed is for everyone to pick on you and you’ll probably never be able to infect anyone.

arthexis: he/him

19-09-2009 22:13:08 UTC

They could always do that, even with the current rules. Furthermore, I can always infect people other ways…


19-09-2009 22:19:00 UTC

Under the current rules, they’d have very little chance of hitting.

Darknight: he/him

23-09-2009 00:39:31 UTC