Tuesday, January 03, 2023

Proposal: Giving Up the Ghost

Unpopular, 1-7 with 1 unresolved DEF. Josh

Adminned at 05 Jan 2023 10:25:37 UTC

If the proposal “A Game of Tag” is enacted, this proposal does nothing.

In the steps of the Reveal the Consequences action in the rule “Mansion Phase”, after the step that starts “If an Explorer is the only Explorer in a room, and the Black Cat is also in that room”, add the following step:

* If a single Explorer has been continuously Possessed by Katastrophe for the entirety of the current Turn and the two preceding Turns, Katastrophe starts possessing nobody instead of that Explorer.


Josh: he/they

04-01-2023 09:11:31 UTC

against Per Kevan’s comments on The Power Of vin Nestor, and Bucky’s own vote on No Combos; the Bucky/TDS pairing is fringe but not impossible.

Kevan: he/him

04-01-2023 09:30:16 UTC

against Per me.

SingularByte: he/him

04-01-2023 10:20:17 UTC


Josh: he/they

04-01-2023 10:28:22 UTC

Actually, the Bucky/TDS combo makes sense given that Bucky has the third fragment they’d need to win.

Kevan: he/him

04-01-2023 10:57:24 UTC

That would also fit with Bucky proposing a game of tag where if Katastrophe and an accomplice were both carrying fragments, simply walking into the same room would cause the accomplice to automatically drop their fragments for the (now freed) Katastrophe player to collect and win with.

Kevan: he/him

04-01-2023 11:08:29 UTC

Ah, wait, no, it would be Katastrophe who dropped the fragments.

Darknight: he/him

04-01-2023 12:53:49 UTC


Trapdoorspyder: he/him

04-01-2023 14:01:52 UTC



04-01-2023 17:54:55 UTC


Janet: she/her

04-01-2023 19:02:47 UTC


quirck: he/him

05-01-2023 10:09:13 UTC