Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Call for Judgment: Glitched Symbolic Gestures

Unpopular with 5 votes AGAINST. Josh

Adminned at 08 Jun 2023 20:23:26 UTC

Revert all changes made by the proposal “Symbolic Gestures”, then do the following:

In the rule “Avatar Reality”, replace every occurrence of “Name” and “name” with “Symbol Name”, and replace every occurrence of “Names” and “names” with “Symbol Names” except for occurrences that were already part of the phrase “Symbol Names”. Then, in the same rule replace the first instance of “ten Symbol Names” with “three Symbol Names”. If the rule does not already contain the text “For each list by Tier, put all of the words of all of the Symbol Names chosen for that Tier in a list and secretly determine at random the order in which those words are written in the Activity Report.” then add that text to the end of the rule.

Symbolic Gestures attempted to amend a nonexistent subrule, leaving the following instructions ambiguous or unimplementable. Despite that, it wasn’t clearly a no-op proposal. This CfJ puts the rule into the state the proposal’s author intended to put it in.


lemon: she/her

07-06-2023 03:47:50 UTC

it seems like josh simply misnamed the rule “Avatar Activity” when enacting Proposal: The Search, meaning there was no typo in Symbolic Gestures and no need for a CFJ either. as per the rule on fixing incorrectly-updated gamestate, i believe anyone can adjust this “Avatar Reality” rule to have the correct name! so u can go ahead and enact that proposal with no issue now, i think.


07-06-2023 04:00:17 UTC



07-06-2023 04:03:12 UTC


Josh: he/they

07-06-2023 06:42:46 UTC

for Why are you voting against this Bucky?


07-06-2023 07:08:15 UTC

Because I applied a gamestate tracking correction to reflect that “Avatar Activity” was the correct name all along and “Avatar Reality” doesn’t exist.

Josh: he/they

07-06-2023 07:23:49 UTC

Does that mean that this is unnecessary?

JonathanDark: he/him

07-06-2023 13:19:52 UTC

against Although Bucky’s vote should consider this Withdrawn

Kevan: City he/him

07-06-2023 13:26:26 UTC

against since this seems unnecessary.

[JonathanDark] CfJs can’t be withdrawn.

Raven1207: he/they

07-06-2023 20:16:18 UTC


JonathanDark: he/him

08-06-2023 03:17:14 UTC

I didn’t realize that CfJs can’t be withdrawn, thanks for that.

Josh: he/they

08-06-2023 20:22:50 UTC

cov against