Friday, April 21, 2017

Proposal: Glossary expansion

Times out 1-5. Failed by pokes.

Adminned at 23 Apr 2017 21:39:22 UTC

Add under the Dynastic “Glossary”

All definitions in this glossary must use the media wiki definition formatting (;[term]: [definition])
;Auction: An auction post allows for the bidding of a Manager’s cash. An auction is open for a determined amount of time and when it is closed the Manager with the highest valid bid is the winner. That manager spends the amount on that bid and gets whatever was offered on the auction in return.
;Manager receives $X: X is added to that Manager’s cash.
;Manager A pays Manager B $X: Manager A spends $X and Manager B receives $X.
;Action: something that can be performed any number of times in a day.
;Bid: a comment on an auction in the form of “I bid $X” where X is an unambiguous positive integer.

Then change “*Any action that “spends” X or “buys [something] for X” deducts X from acting Manager’s Cash.” to

;spends $X: deducts X from acting Manager’s Cash
;buys [something] for $X: deducts X from acting Manager’s Cash

Then remove all definitions of terms defined in the dynastic glossary that are not in the dynastic glossary: there doesn’t need to be 3 definitions of bid that are all exactly the same.



04-21-2017 18:29:13 UTC

“remove all instances of these definitions in other places in the rules” is ambiguous, please specify which.


04-21-2017 18:48:02 UTC

Does that work?

Publius Scribonius Scholasticus:

04-21-2017 20:38:04 UTC

card, re cuddlebeam’s comment, I believe it would be best if you enumerate all of the amendments.


04-21-2017 21:41:49 UTC

Well I changed it so that any definitions in the glossary that are elsewhere in the rules are removed. I don’t think we need to number definitions but I guess I could add provisions to use the wiki definition formatting for anything in the glossary.

Oracular rufio:

04-21-2017 22:38:54 UTC

It’s PERform, not PREform.  Pre- = before.  Per- = thoroughly/completely (see, persecute, perfect, etc.)


04-22-2017 07:55:10 UTC


Publius Scribonius Scholasticus:

04-22-2017 10:00:43 UTC



04-22-2017 11:30:11 UTC

against On the ambiguity of what the ‘other references’ are; also, if Training and Trading passes I think the priority Ruleset cleanup is merging the two kinds of (almost duplicate) auctions.


04-22-2017 19:55:33 UTC

There isn’t a place in the rules that says “other references” anymore. It was changed before arthexis voted.

Oracular rufio:

04-23-2017 19:23:42 UTC

You just reworded it, it says the same thing and is just as vague.



04-23-2017 19:45:05 UTC