Friday, October 23, 2009

Proposal: Glossing Over

Timed out 9 votes to 1, 1 Trivial. Enacted by Kevan. +10 to Kevan.

Adminned at 26 Oct 2009 02:18:40 UTC

Replace the contents of the “Glossary” section with the contents of the “New Glossary” section at this wiki history page. Should any of the new glossary sections belong to a Team as a result of this enactment, they shall instead belong to no Team.

If “Glossary Reform” passed, add the definition of “Story Post” to the Keywords section, as specified in that proposal.

In Rule 1.9 (Victory and Ascension), replace “and that any keywords will be replaced with new theme-appropriate terms” with:-

and/or that the keywords “Player” and “Leader” will be replaced with new theme-appropriate terms.

A straight reproposal of Glossariolalia, but fixing the Victory rule so that it can replace Player and Leader, rather than any keyword except Player and Leader.



10-23-2009 22:02:37 UTC

against Trivial

The new Leader should also be able to replace any keywords defined in unrepealed dynastic rules.


10-23-2009 22:24:00 UTC

Has that ever happened?

And can they even do that under the current rules? (Are you taking the keywords of “any keywords will be replaced with new theme-appropriate terms” to mean “any word used in a BlogNomic-specific way by the ruleset”, rather than the red-herring Keywords section of the glossary?)


10-23-2009 22:40:39 UTC

Yes, it has.  I’ve done it at least once, although that wasn’t under the current version of the rules.

Since you’re rewriting the rule anyway, you should reword it so that it does explicitly.


10-23-2009 22:57:46 UTC

I’m fairly sure the current consensus interpretation of the ruleset is that only the three words defined in the “Keywords” section (“Player”, “Leader”, “Quorum”) can be replaced by an ascendant Emperor, so I don’t think I’m doing anything very controversial here. If there’s ambiguity, I’m clearing that up.

I don’t think we need a Core Rule sentence for the rare case where an Emperor wants to keep an old Dynastic Rule around, but reword it. Most dynasties open with a scene-setting first-idea proposal from the Emperor, which could easily include “and rename Points to White Blood Cells”.


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10-24-2009 05:17:56 UTC

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Ienpw III:

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10-24-2009 20:23:15 UTC

imperial Wish I had more time to look it over but ok.