Friday, January 06, 2006

Proposal: Glue: Part II

7-0, reached quorom. Enacted by Saurik.

Adminned at 07 Jan 2006 11:55:02 UTC

Rendered Wiki version of this Proposal.

This puts Actions together with Threads.

Change the text of the Rule “Actions” to the following:

== Actions ==

Protagonists may take certain Actions.  An Action is a Command that changes the Gamestate.  A Protagonist takes an Action by adding a Command in his own Thread that invokes the Action.

*An Action must stipulate the Command or form of Command that invokes it.  When describing these Commands, words in [brackets] are substituted with some other word or phrase, as denoted in the Action’s criteria.
*An Action may stipulate any criteria that must be met for it to be taken.  If no criteria are stipulated, any Protagonist may take that Action when otherwise legal.
*An Action may stipulate the Result or form of Result, in whole or in part, to follow the Command that invokes it.  If no Result is stipulated, then the Result’s text may be arbitrary, but should not seem to contradict the Action’s effect on the gamestate.
*An Action must stipulate its effect on the gamestate and where each part of that effect is to be recorded.
*An Action may stipulate that a certain number be added to a Protagonist’s Steps total.  Protagonists’ Steps are tracked in the GNDT “Steps” field.  New Protagonists start with a Steps value of 0.  ‘‘Steps may represent the amount of time an Action takes.’‘

Any Command not adhering to all stipulations of an Action is not an Action and has no effect on gamestate.

The list of acceptable actions is below.

=== Movement ===

*’‘'Command’‘’:  “go to [destination]”
*’‘'Steps added’‘’: 5.
*’‘'Other effects’‘’:  The Protagonist’s Location is changed to [destination].
*’‘'Criteria’‘’:  May not be taken more frequently than Often by any Protagonist.  [destination] must be at one of the Protagonist’s current Location’s exits.

=== Initiate trade ===

*’‘'Command’‘’: “offer [item1] for [Target]‘s [item2]”.
*’‘'Steps added’‘’: 0.
*’‘'Other effects’‘’:  Begins 36-hour period in which [Target] may accept the trade.
*’‘'Criteria:’‘’ [item1] is the Protagonist’s current Item Held.  [Target] is a Protagonist. [item2] is [Target]‘s current Item Held.  No Protagonist may initiate a trade more frequently than Often.

=== Accept trade ===

*’‘'Command’‘’: “accept [Requester]‘s trade”.
*’‘'Steps added’‘’: 0.
*’‘'Other effects’‘’: Swaps the Protagonist’s Item Held with [Requester]‘s. 
*’‘'Criteria’‘’:  [Requester] is a Protagonist who Initiated trade less than 36 hours previously.

=== Reject trade ===

*’‘'Command’‘’: “reject [Requester]‘s trade”.
*’‘'Steps added’‘’: 0.
*’‘'Other effects’‘’: None.
*’‘'Criteria’‘’:  [Requester] is a Protagonist who Initiated trade less than 36 hours previously.

=== Offering ===

*’‘'Command’‘’: “offer [Item]”
*’‘'Steps added’‘’: 2.
*’‘'Other effects’‘’: The Protagonist must announce his offering via a Blognomic post within 1 hour of taking the Action.  The Result of the Action may be added only by the Narrator.  The text in the Result affects the gamestate in whatever way it describes.  If the Result has any effect on the gamestate, the Protagonist’s Item Held is changed to Generic Receipt.
*’‘'Criteria’‘’: [Item] is the Protagonist’s current Item Held.  No Protagonist may make Offering more frequently than Often.




01-06-2006 10:50:08 UTC

for !

Seventy-Fifth Trombone:

01-06-2006 10:55:14 UTC

Before people start picking nits:  I’ve already seen a couple of things that slipped through my conversion.  For instance, you no longer have to be at the Furnace to make Offering. 

We can fix this stuff later; for now, let’s just get this passed, get the mechanic solidified, and get gameplay going.

Seventy-Fifth Trombone:

01-06-2006 10:56:31 UTC

Besides, if you make Offering anywhere but the Furnace, I won’t accept it ;)

Elias IX:

01-06-2006 12:47:27 UTC

Can you please accept my <a >offering</a> then?

Elias IX:

01-06-2006 12:48:50 UTC

Make that offering .


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01-06-2006 22:58:46 UTC

for this ties together the threads and actions, hooray!


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01-07-2006 19:54:10 UTC

I keep looking at this thinking: if only someone else would vote for it, then I could clear it. It’s taken me a day to figure out I haven’t voted on it yet. imperial