Sunday, July 27, 2008

GNDT issue

I don’t know if it is coded this way on purpose, but the GNDT hangs on to whatever values you type in, so say you change Clucky’s gold, then make a roll, if you forgot to clear out the Gold field, it’ll update you own gold as well. This is a good thing if you want to set everyone to a certain value, but in the case mentioned before, it can cause problems. Is the GNDT still up for development? I was imagining a ‘sticky’ box that you could check to hold a value in the GNDT for mass updating, but if it was not checked, clearing the fields automatically to avoid accidental changes. Ideas, anyone?



07-27-2008 20:26:36 UTC

Kevan has handed out the code before. If I recall, it was done in perl but might be some other language, I just remember it wasn’t PHP. But yeah, if you know whatever language it was coded in and want to add a feature, my guess is it wouldn’t be a problem.