Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Proposal: GNDT workaround

Self-killed failed by card.

Adminned at 18 May 2017 17:24:56 UTC

Under the rule titled “Gameplay” append the following text

If when calculated the N in the DICEN that should be rolled in the GNDT for the rounds of a game has more than 10 digits do the following atomic action as Overseeing instead:
# Calculate the power of each team. The power of team A is X, the power of team B is Y. Team A cannot be the same as team B and vice versa.
# Z represents the smaller number of X or Y. If X = Y, set X, Y and Z all equal to 1. The decimal number D = Z/(Y+X).
# Round D to the nearest millionth, to a minimum of 0.0000001.
# The number of digits in D which are not a leading or trailing zero are represented by H. Multiply D by 1 x 10^(H).
# Roll a DICE(1 x 10^(H)) in the GNDT for each round, the commissioner does not need to roll in the GNDT. For a given die a result of D or lower scores a point for the team whose power was chosen to represent Z, otherwise the team whose power was not chosen to represent Z scores a point.
# Make a post containing the results of the game and the calculations of D.

H is limited to 7 in case you were worried about the DICE(1 x 10^(H))



05-18-2017 00:06:19 UTC

against There are some ambiguities here, and even if the DICE(huge number) is currently not exactly a uniform distribution, it’s as “good enough” as this would be.


05-18-2017 06:23:28 UTC

D=0.01, is that one or two leading zeroes? I think this is too complicated for too little payoff.


05-18-2017 15:11:23 UTC

It would be one leading zero of course.
“eading zero
A zero that precedes a decimal point, e.g., as in “levothyroxine 0.05 mg p.o. daily.””


05-18-2017 17:03:17 UTC

Other dictionaries / Wikipedia don’t corroborate that definition.

Side note: the coinflip proposal got adminned out of order.


05-18-2017 17:24:26 UTC

you learn something new every day against