Sunday, September 04, 2005

Gobleteer Strikes.  The strike of Gobleteer!

Yo.  This is gobleteer.  Why am I posting?  Because I can’t access the email console, even registered.  Also, why is the FAQ blank?  Please update my information, I’m officially an idle REGISTERED member!  But actually, I’m here mainly because I looked thouhg my server logs and half my hits are the non-existant /blognomic/ directory.  I’m so sad.

Um, I may join mid-metadynasty, because I really don’t like not having rules much.  Or I may wait until next dynasty, because I don’t understand what the hell the rules mean.



09-05-2005 17:59:51 UTC

Gobleteer: done, you’re ‘registered’.  You’re also flagged as an admin.  Have a gander at the ‘Switch Guidebook’ for the how-to at the new site for props and adminning them.

If you want access to the GNDT settings, give an email to me, smith, 75th, or chronos.  That goes for all you other adminerators too.