Thursday, April 01, 2010

Proposal: God Save The Queen

Passes at 8-2. -Purplebeard

Adminned at 02 Apr 2010 10:18:03 UTC

Add a new rule to the ruleset, entitled “Anarchist Rock!”:

Each Anarchist has an ideology, which is tracked in the GNDT. An Anarchist can change their ideology as a weekly action. The default is Punk.

The different types of Anarchist are as follows:

• Punk
• Socialist
• Far-Right
• Cyberpunk
• Christian
• Sell-out

Any Anarchist who changes their Ideology to an Ideology currently held by another Anarchist is a bogus copycat and must reduce their RIOT by five times the number of other Anarchists holding that Ideology.

Add a new subrule to the rule created above, entitled “Smash!”

Each ideology has a different way of undermining the Establishment. As a weekly action, an Anarchist can make a story post to Undermine, with the relevant effect as detailed below:

• Punk – gain 2 RIOT
• Riot-Grrrl – change the Ideology of one other Anarchist to any other Ideology, applying the RIOT penalty to them if applicable.
• Socialist – gain 1 RIOT, reduce the RIOT of any Far-Right Anarchist by 1
• Far-Right – gain 1 RIOT, reduce the RIOT of any Socialist Far-Right Anarchist by 1
• Cyberpunk – Change the Establishment’s vote on any active proposal. Can be used to change a veto to something else, but cannot be used to change any vote to a veto.
• Christian – Can remove any RIOT gained by a single other Anarchist in the last 24 hours
• Sell-out – the Sell-Out cannot Undermine. Any other Anarchist can opt to reduce the Sell-out’s RIOT by 5 instead of Undermining as their weekly action.

Groups of Anarchists can combine to Undermine with greater effect. As a weekly action instead of the above, an Anarchist can make a story post to Undermine As A Gang, specifying which gang action (listed below) they intend to perform. All participating Anarchists must then vote FOR the story post with 24 hours of its timestamp. Once Anarchists holding all of the ideologies necessary for the specified gang action have voted FOR on the story post, the effect detailed below can take place.

• Gang of Four
Any 4 Punks or Riot-Grrrls
The Gang parade around the city, smashing windows and licking over trash cans. Each participating Anarchist gains 5 RIOT.
• Bipartisan Spirit
1 Socialist – 1 Far Right
They come together to smash the state. Each participating Anarchist gains 1 RIOT , all other Anarchists lose 1 RIOT.
• Startin’ A Band
1 Punk, 1 Riot-Grrrl, 1 Cyberpunk
This isn’t about politics. Each participating Anarchist gains 2 RIOT and can mandate that the Establishment cannot vote on the next proposal posted.

If a Sell-out votes to participate in any gang action during the 24 hour timeframe, it fails, having no effect other than that all other Anarchists who voted to participate become Sell-outs instead.

If Proposal: Throw Stuff failed, then perform the following actions:

Add a new rule to the ruleset, entitled “Riot!”:

The Anarchist with the highest RIOT score on June 1st 2010 has achieved victory. If multiple Anarchists are tied for the highest RIOT score then they have all achieved victory. If no-one has declared victory by 12 noon on June 1st 2010, then all Anarchists have achieved victory.

Add a new rule to the ruleset, entitled “Anarchy!”:

All Anarchists have a RIOT score, which is tracked in the GNDT and must be a positive integer and defaults to the mean average of all existing Anarchists.

As a weekly action, a Anarchist may increase the RIOT of another Anarchist by up to 2.

Set the RIOT of all Anarchists to zero.

Going for more of a teamwork-oriented style, here.



01-04-2010 12:55:19 UTC

I am not sure where “participating Anarchist” refers to. To “Bipartisan Spirit” or to all gangs?

Additionally, if one Anarchist undermines as a gang, he and his gang members have an advantage. But his team members are allowed to undermine in a common way, too…

This needs fixing, but I think it is ok to vote for


01-04-2010 13:03:59 UTC

Some problems, but nothing a fix can’t..well..fix.  for


01-04-2010 13:14:48 UTC



01-04-2010 13:42:10 UTC



01-04-2010 14:22:45 UTC

Riot-Grrrl is missing from the first bullet list.

Enacting admin gets the advantage of first ideology change.  In fact, anyone who obsessively checks to see if this proposal has been enacted yet gets an advantage.

More significantly, anyone who obsessively checks to see if there has been a recent “Undermine as a Gang” post will get the advantage of being allowed to participate.  Yuck.  I thought grinding was to be avoided this dynasty?

A Sell-out can force anyone who has voted on a Gang post to also become a sell-out, just by voting on that post within 24 hours?

Again, RIOT scores are positive integers, but get initialized to zero.

“the effect detailed below can take place”  they should take place immediately, I think (and the mandate in Startin’ a Band should not be optional).

redtara: they/them

01-04-2010 14:43:46 UTC



01-04-2010 14:43:57 UTC

against per Hix. Also, the mental image of four punks “licking over trash cans” is hilarious.


01-04-2010 15:21:24 UTC

for CoV. This is good enough for now.


01-04-2010 18:37:16 UTC

hmmm, would “Any 4 Punks or Riot-Grrrls ” mean either 4 punks or 4 riot grrrls or can those be mixed?

Darknight: he/him

02-04-2010 03:50:50 UTC

for I want to lick over a trash cans lol.

Josh: he/they

02-04-2010 07:50:56 UTC

Curse my sloppy typemanship!


02-04-2010 12:40:26 UTC



02-04-2010 16:09:42 UTC

so yeah josh, which one? >_>

Josh: he/they

02-04-2010 16:10:24 UTC

Mixed as far as I’m concerned.


02-04-2010 16:44:44 UTC



02-04-2010 17:16:16 UTC

against per Hix. But I like a lot about this Proposal.