Friday, June 26, 2009

Proposal: Good Deeds


Adminned at 27 Jun 2009 19:38:14 UTC

Make a new Dynastic Rule titled “Good Deeds” with the following text:

Create a wiki page titled “Good Deeds” that can only be altered by manners specified in the Ruleset. Up to 5 times per week, the Tour Guide may add a new Good Deed to the wiki page. Each Good Deed has a name, a set of Requirements, a Reward, and a Completed By section. The Tour Guide, when he adds a Good Deed to the wiki, must add a name and a set of Requirements, as well as a Reward. Whenever a Tourist meets a set of Requirements, he may add his name to the Completed By section. Whenever a Tourist legally adds their own name to the Completed By section, the Reward of that Good Deed takes place.

Make a subrule of Good Deeds titled “Epic Deeds” with the following text:

If a Good Deed includes the word “Epic” in its name, then it is an Epic Deed and only one Tourist may add his name to the Completed By section. If there is already a name in the Completed By section of a particular Epic Deed, then no Tourist may add his name to the Completed By section of that Deed.

Because, what better way is there to start of a new Dynasty than by doing Good Deeds? May I suggest that the first Good Deed be named, “Saving the Beached Whale.”


Ienpw III:

06-26-2009 00:47:30 UTC



06-26-2009 00:50:01 UTC

What stops me from putting my name next to a good dead more than once?  against

I like the idea though. Repropose and I’ll be for it.


06-26-2009 00:54:02 UTC

Ah, true.

against s/k

I don’t have another slot, someone else should repropose.


06-26-2009 01:26:50 UTC

...Clucky just wants to abuse missions again.  I vote against until good deeds either have a strict set of outlined rules they have to follow, or they have a review process to prevent stupid mistakes by the Emperor (speaking from experience as a stupid emperor)


06-26-2009 13:43:55 UTC

It’s still Self-Killed.