Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Declaration of Victory: Got a confession to make…

13 votes in favour after 24 hours. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 12 Mar 2009 16:01:09 UTC

The recently passed proposal ( ) means I have achieved victory in the current dynasty. Hence, I declare victory. Surprisingly.

The General lies in a coma that he seems unlikely to wake from, and I’m struggling to keep up this façade. Time for some truths.

The Enemy does not exist. I have lied to you. The General has lied to you. It was in your best interests. On the plus side, we got to shoot some drones, some convicts strapped into a tank, and some confused scientists being oppressed by the deceptively powerful Cernel Joson. It’s time to lay down our arms, stop pretending to be soldiers and have some integrity.

...unless anyone fancies jobs in the film industry? Hear there’s an action movie in production. You won’t have to worry about ammo or loyalty, I don’t think… just bring whatever weapon you like to the set, we’ll see what happens.

- Devenger, Officer of Truth



03-11-2009 22:44:16 UTC

for Given that a proposal just passed giving you victory, this should be pretty uncontroversial…


03-11-2009 22:50:40 UTC

for congrats


03-11-2009 22:52:24 UTC

for I’m not surprised it will work, I’m surprised I just won a dynasty purely through exploiting a rule to be victorious in an arbitrary war of attrition, that was only made significant by a victory condition I had no part in creating.


03-11-2009 22:53:28 UTC



03-11-2009 22:54:23 UTC

@Devenger; I think it was by exploiting the loyalty and XP systems during the only real chance anyone got (the original training battle). That one was started and finished before I had a chance to be online…


03-11-2009 22:56:48 UTC

Oh, and arrow. That definitely deserves an arrow.


03-11-2009 23:04:30 UTC



03-11-2009 23:07:29 UTC



03-11-2009 23:13:43 UTC

for, although I still think the enemy is / was real.

I’ll be soooooooooooooooooo glad when these: arrow are gone.


03-11-2009 23:43:18 UTC



03-12-2009 01:05:28 UTC



03-12-2009 01:12:04 UTC

‘sigh’ The enemy is stupidity and gullibility. Literally. They are idle soldiers. Seriously. Check the idle soldiers list.

P.S.  for


03-12-2009 03:26:45 UTC

Someone should get the Final Ruleset into the History.


03-12-2009 05:10:06 UTC

for I kinda knew Devenger was gonna win this one somehow (thats why I tried to become propaganda officer instead of him, to leverage my loyalty) however in the end I think the dynasty didn’t appeal at me (it did at first, though).

Dev, do you have ideas in mind or should we throw some in?


03-12-2009 08:26:17 UTC

for I for one wasn’t as into this dynasty as i was in past ones, prob do to my RL distain of war lol. Meh, I still had fun with what I did do. Good job Dev. Though I hope for your sack your dynasty is a big time wake up call lol.


03-12-2009 08:28:52 UTC

Oh and keep this dynasty’s history page updated. I like my history to not be full of holes lol


03-12-2009 08:46:03 UTC

for  I think the arrow may be here for a while longer. They’ll come in use for all sorts of things in future dynasties.


03-12-2009 10:01:41 UTC

Easily quorumed, we just have to wait out the timeout now.


03-12-2009 20:45:45 UTC

Yeah but I don’t like them.