Thursday, January 22, 2009

Proposal: Gotta Catch Em All

Vetoed by me—arth

Adminned at 23 Jan 2009 12:25:14 UTC

Add a sub rule to “Cosmology ” called “Native Growth”. Give it the following text:

Certain stations may have native food growing or served nearby the space station. These are called “Native Growth” listed on a game state document called “Native Growth” which consists of a legal station, the name of an edible item, and a integer cost (called the cost) and a difficulty score (call the difficulty).

As a daily action, the writer may add an item to the Native Growth page.

At any time, provided their location is the same as location of the native growth, a staff member may spend the cost of the native growth and roll a DICE10. If their roll is greater than or equal to the difficulty of the native food, they may add the native food to their bowl.

If more than half of the staff members who vote on this proposal include the phrase “We need more space” (haha a pun) in the comments, replace

Members cannot keep more than five Ingredients in their Bowls.

in the rule “The bowl” with

Members cannot keep more than ten Ingredients in their Bowls.

If more than half of the staff members who vote on this proposal include the phrase “Seed it to start” in the comments, the writer, within 24 hours of this proposal passing, may add ten items to the Native Growth page, in addition to any added via a daily action.


Clucky: HE/HIM

01-22-2009 04:52:54 UTC

for So I can say We need more space and Seed it to start.


01-22-2009 05:14:04 UTC

for Hello.  Representing the DDA, I wish to say that the bowl is too small.  Therefore, We need more space.  Farming may aid our agents in survival, so Seed it to start.


01-22-2009 05:33:13 UTC

against We need more space (Cool)


01-22-2009 05:36:45 UTC

imperial We need more space.  Seed it to start.

We will need to something with the “spend 1 credit to put an ingredient in your bowl” clause or this will not be of much use, provided it passes of course.

The Cube:

01-22-2009 06:36:48 UTC


Darknight: HE/HIM

01-22-2009 06:46:14 UTC

for We need more space.  Seed it to start.


01-22-2009 09:43:11 UTC

against We need more space. Seed it to start.
I don’t like the idea of spending a lot of money for ingredients.

Kevan: HE/HIM

01-22-2009 15:22:57 UTC

Isn’t this the same direction that the “Specialties” rule is already going in? I don’t see how we benefit from adding another wiki page for similar data.

(The “more than half” subproposal isn’t really fair, by the way - if the main proposal hits quorum of 11, the secondary “if more than half” proposal could pass with only six “votes” in favour. And anyone who likes one idea but hates the other will have to vote against both.)



01-22-2009 15:42:08 UTC

imperial We need more space. Seed it to start.


01-22-2009 21:30:31 UTC

against  We need more space

Wooden Squid:

01-23-2009 00:29:56 UTC



01-23-2009 16:25:27 UTC



01-23-2009 16:46:49 UTC

Kevan, not quite.  It actually becomes it’s own vote, because if more than half the people want both anyway, it’s going to pass.  If it were only more than half that vote FOr then it’d be an issue, but since it’s total, it means you can vote for both seperately.


01-23-2009 16:47:24 UTC



01-23-2009 19:19:54 UTC

veto Steps on the toes of the Specialties rule.