Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Proposal: Gotta work somewhere

timed out, final vote 1-7—Yoda

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Add the following text to the wiki page Locations:

Ovangle’s Office
Though the DDF HQ looks derelict at first glance, inside it is a hive of activity. Just below street level, a network of offices honeycomb the basement level of the building. Keeping the peace in a neighbourhood like this is hard work at the best of times, so keeping their activities covert is imperative to successful operation.

The desk in the office is littered with paperwork waiting to be filed, but there just seemed to always be more important things to do before getting round to straightening it all up. Murders, theives, Russian spies, illegal aliens, extraterrestrial aliens, the list seemed to never end. It was hard to keep track of it all, especially when the filing systems were so inadequate. A bottle of whiskey sat on the edge of the desk next to a photo of his wife and kids, who had been horrifically murdered fifteen years ago today (Nov. 18th). Despite the best efforts of Duncan and his crack team of detectives, the killer was still on the loose.

The relationship modifier of Ovangle’s office is +3

Add the following text to the Ruined DDF HQ:

Inside the building, a staircase is hidden behind a pile of rubble (the better educated know it leads to Ovangle’s office).



18-11-2008 14:27:32 UTC

against I don’t think we are ready for relationship modifiers other than 0 yet.

Besides, I have a proposal idea that would change that.  I have just been waiting for a lot of the dust to settle before I propose it.


18-11-2008 14:27:56 UTC

Other than that, though.  I think the location is good.


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Clucky: he/him

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arthexis: he/him

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