Sunday, December 19, 2010

Proposal: Grab bag!

Reached quorum and enacted, 12-1. The rule entitled Hard Hats doesn’t exist so this does nothing. Josh

Adminned at 21 Dec 2010 01:00:27 UTC

If the rule Hard Hats doesn’t exist, this proposal does nothing

In the rule Hard Hats, after

Funds can be used to buy bricks. A mini figure may buy a brick by reducing their funds by the value of the brick that they wish to purchase. There is a wiki page entitled Toybox. The Toybox page is split into two section for each Mini Figure - The Bucket and The Workbench. The bricks owned by each Mini Figure are tracked in the Bucket section of the Toybox page.


Some bricks are marked as assorted. If a mini figure chooses to buy an assorted brick, he may choose to only pay 80% (rounded up) of the value. He may not specify a color if he does this, instead after purchasing the brick he must role a DICEN where N is the number of colors available for that brick. The color of brick will be the result of the dice rule used as an index to the list of available colors, sorted alphabetically. (So if the colors are Red, Blue and Green a DICE3 is rolled and 2 would make the result Green).

If “Flat Bricks” is a subrule, append the following

Flat Bricks are assorted


The Value of a standard brick is equal to its size.

in the rule “Bricks” add

Standard bricks are assorted


Thane Q:

19-12-2010 17:22:35 UTC

for I think assorted bricks need a bigger discount, but this seems fair so far.

Josh: he/him

19-12-2010 17:33:29 UTC



19-12-2010 17:34:34 UTC



19-12-2010 17:36:40 UTC

against This proposal does nothing, because no proposal currently active creates a rule called Hard Hats - I think you meant “If the proposal Hard Hats failed, this proposal does nothing”.


19-12-2010 17:37:13 UTC

Though for the record I like the idea.

Thane Q:

19-12-2010 18:36:04 UTC

for Per Darth Cliche. I approve of proposals that do seemingly nothing.


19-12-2010 18:40:06 UTC


Roujo: he/him

19-12-2010 19:30:50 UTC

for =P


19-12-2010 20:02:39 UTC



19-12-2010 20:07:02 UTC

@ Darth Cliche.  I’ve got a question about this.  Since the proposal “Hard Hats” will pass or fail before this proposal gets its turn, then if “Hard Hats” does pass doesn’t that give a place to this proposal before its turn to pass or fail?

Although the rule “Hard Hats” does not yet exist, it might exist before this proposal has a chance to become a rule.  So if the proposal “Hard Hats” does pass, then by the time this rule is adminned it will have a place in the ruleset.

I’m pretty sure I’m missing something because the contingency phrases seem so important in proposals.  But I don’t yet know what I’m missing.


19-12-2010 20:58:34 UTC

Subrincinator, my problem is that the Hard Hats proposal doesn’t create a rule titled Hard Hats, it creates rules titled Currency, Construction, and Value Modifiers.

Darknight: he/him

19-12-2010 21:34:42 UTC



20-12-2010 03:32:35 UTC



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20-12-2010 20:53:37 UTC