Friday, February 10, 2017

Guardian Stance (moot due to 15 min timeout)

Add to Spectral Actions:

Remedies are the basic “fuel” that Stands employ to empower their spectral bodies to pull off supernatural feats.

A Stand may declare that it’s in a Guardian Stance by making a blog post announcing this and removing a Remedy from its inventory. During this time, if its Near its Standmaster, the Standmaster cannot be targeted by other Villagers (except the Doctor) through dynastic mechanics, nor get infected by contagious diseases, unless the Standmaster explicitly allows them to do so in a blog post. A Stand loses its Guardian Stance if its no longer Near its Standmaster.

A Stand may Break a Near Stand’s Guardian Stance (and thus, remove it) by sacrificing one of their own Remedies for this purpose.

A Stand defensive power and counterplay to it.



02-10-2017 15:01:53 UTC

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