Monday, January 19, 2009

[Guess] Solar System Cooking Contest

My guess is the Solar System Cooking contest.


The Cube:

19-01-2009 19:58:24 UTC

So, since apparently no one is paying attention to my guess, I have to comment and say that this is not an official guess.

Per the rules: “As a daily action, a Staff member may “Take a Guess” by spending 1 Guess and making a Story Post whose subject starts with ‘[Guessing]’.”

Sorry.  I know this is nitpicky, but I still haven’t received any feedback from the writer on my guess even though it used up one of my guesses and is actually official.

arthexis: he/him

19-01-2009 20:17:37 UTC

@Singularbyte: No, not the solar system.

@The Cube: Sorry for that, I’ll post a comment right away.