Thursday, January 29, 2009

[Guessing] Here goes nothing

I’m going to guess: “Race for a Morsel on Mercury”



01-29-2009 19:46:17 UTC

No. Morsel does not appear. And its not Mercury either.


01-29-2009 19:59:07 UTC

Also, Amnistar got kinda close, so I am gonna give him a free clue via PM.


01-29-2009 20:01:33 UTC

Oh, scratch that, I am now seeing that this would be unfair to DC, which also got close on a previous guess…

So, I’ll give this clue publicly instead: One word from this guess does appear on the Theme, exactly, except for capitalization (don’t worry about that last part, capitalization does not matter when guessing, but that might also provide an extra hint to somebody).


01-30-2009 02:15:28 UTC