Thursday, August 02, 2007

Proposal: Hammer Time


Adminned at 04 Aug 2007 11:24:47 UTC

Change the text of the rule “Hammers” to read:

Each Monkey has exactly one Hammer, the type of which is tracked in the GNDT. All new Monkeys have Fairy-type Hammers.  As a weekly action a Monkey may change their hammer to any of the hammers listed below.

At the end of the rule “Doing the Dance” add the text:

*The monkey in position n_A uses their hammer on the monkey in position n_B

Create a sub-rule of “Hammers” “Fairy-type” with the text:

If a Fairy-type hammer is used on another monkey, and that monkey has an odd number “Dance Moves” that monkey’s Dance Moves are increased by 1, if that monkey has an even number of “Dance Moves” that monkey’s dance moves are decreased by 1.

Create a sub-rule of “Hammers” “Banana-Hammer” with the text:

If a Banana-Hammer is used on another monkey, that monkey’s banana’s are reduced by 1 to a minimum of 0 bananas.


Clucky: HE/HIM

08-03-2007 01:09:25 UTC

against How cant he monkey in position 3 use their hammer on the monkey in position 10? Hammers should be adjacent use only.


08-03-2007 01:34:31 UTC




08-03-2007 02:17:22 UTC

Mkay, I can fix that, anything else?


08-03-2007 14:06:45 UTC



08-03-2007 14:32:07 UTC

imperial  So… we’ll have a “Fairy-type Hammer” and a “Banana-Hammer Hammer”??

I think it would read a lot better if the Subrules (and “types” of hammers) were called “Fairy” and “Banana”.  This would be consistent with the line “All new Monkeys have Fairy-type Hammers” since connecting words with hyphens is an acceptable way to create adjectives.


08-03-2007 16:02:22 UTC

That sounds reasonable, I’ll fix that in my next proposal :)


08-03-2007 23:22:37 UTC

against S.K