Sunday, January 29, 2012

Declaration of Victory: Has there been any accidental win in the past?

Open for 12 hours, Quorum of FOR votes. Dom has voted FOR it and no AGAINST votes so this passes.—Clucky

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Clucky pointed out I couldn’t transfer Wealth to southpointingchariot since he was no longer a former partner of mine.
Damn, going to jail sucks. That mustache I had was so much better!
As Clucky said, I could’ve transfered the Wealth to him or omd and southpointingchariot would still have won; but I didn’t do that.
I believe the transfer was illegal, but the aggravating was legal anyway, and instantly had me win, though not on purpose.

So here’s your hiatus.



01-29-2012 02:33:22 UTC


For those wondering how this got pulled off the series of moves was as follows:

Clucky and Koen help him get firepower (Koen has mustache, so can
work with Clucky a second time)

Clucky and OMD steal the mustache for OMD

Clucky and OMD clear Clucky’s former partner list via plea bargin

Koen and OMD clear OMD’s former partner list via plea bargin (OMD has mustache, so can work with Koen a second time)

Clucky and OMD throw Koen in jail, blanking his former partner list
OMD and Clucky free Koen from jail

Clucky and Koen get Koen more wealth
OMD and Koen get Koen more respect

Koen tries to transfer wealth to SPC, forgets SPC isn’t on his former partner list anymore

Koen pays 39,999 to aggravate the police and get the SVN up to 200.

Wound up using pretty much all the mechanics other than the Popular Criminals and Timer =)


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for And remember that you can pass the mantle if you don’t want to run the dynasty yourself.