Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Story Post: Haul: The Gemwright

JonathanDark, NadNavillus, Clucky, Juniper and 4st are agreed.

Adminned at 15 May 2024 08:23:41 UTC

Clucky, Juniper and NadNavillus spend a few hours Scouting out the old building in the jewelry quarter, before returning later to break into a back office where 4st can Unlock the safe. The team make a quick exit, barrelling out through an alley door that JonathanDark was trying and failing to Unlock from the other side.

The Haul is a neat 17 Florins and three Unappraised Gems.


Juniper.ohyegods: she/her

14-05-2024 10:22:56 UTC

I propose that Juniper, Clucky, and NadNavillus all get 4 Florins, 4st gets 5 Florins, JonathanDark gets 1 Unappraised Gem (so now it’s all balanced pretty well), and Juniper and 4st each get 1 Unappraised Gem seeing as neither of us have Loupes to increase their values.

NadNavillus: he/him

14-05-2024 12:41:13 UTC

Juniper, Nadnavillus, 4st get the gems and 1 florin, Clucky, JonathanDark get 7 florins

Raid Bank

The names are interchangeable in the proposal for me, rearrange them and I’ll probably support

Clucky: he/him

14-05-2024 15:04:15 UTC

I spent 2 arms and scouted whereas Jonathan Dark wasted our time lockpicking without a lock and only spent 1 arm. Same for Nad. So we shouldn’t be getting the same stuff as JonathanDark

If you look at in total what was put in:

Clucky and Nad contributed 5 notoriety, 2 florins, and got us 2DICE5 (average 6) + 2/7ths of the 2 Gems value

4st contributed 2 notoriety, 2 florins, a lockpick, and got us 1DICE6 (average 3.5) + 2/7ths of the 2 Gems value + another gem.

Junpier contributed 3 notoriety, 0 florins, and got us 2DICE5 (average 6)

Jonathdark contributed 1 notoerity and 1 florin, and got us 1/7th of the 2 gem values

Its clear to me that 4st, Nad and I should get the most

So my proposal is as follows:

Clucky, Nad and 4st each get a Gem and two Florins. Juniper gets 6 florins and JonathanDark gets 3 florins.






NadNavillus: he/him

14-05-2024 17:04:02 UTC

I agree with Clucky.

JonathanDark: he/him

14-05-2024 17:29:25 UTC

Yeah, I messed up by forgetting to change my Plan.

I agree with Clucky.

Kevan: City he/him

14-05-2024 18:59:10 UTC

(The current consensus proposition leaves 2 Florins unassigned, so I cannot process it.)

JonathanDark: he/him

14-05-2024 19:32:40 UTC

Since we’re only off by 2 Florins, how about this:

I propose that Clucky, Nad and 4st each get a Gem and two Florins. Juniper gets 7 florins and JonathanDark gets 4 florins.

NadNavillus: he/him

14-05-2024 20:11:31 UTC

I agree with JonathanDark.

Clucky: he/him

14-05-2024 20:16:33 UTC

Yeah that’s fine I agree with JonathanDark not sure how my original path got wrong

Juniper.ohyegods: she/her

14-05-2024 20:39:02 UTC

fine… i also agree with jonathandark


15-05-2024 06:00:55 UTC

I haven’t been paying attention.
Not sure what’s going on, but I agree with JonathanDark