Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Proposal: They ͚̯̦̮̲c̶̫̦̬̻̮̜͖ọm̲̗̮̜̱e͍, like a boss

popular 5-0 with 2 defs enacted by card

Adminned at 06 Nov 2019 19:47:33 UTC

Add a new rule called “Transformation”:

A Monster is Transforming or not. A Monster defaults to being Transforming. While Transforming, if the Monster would lose HP, it doesn’t lose HP instead. A Transforming Monster cannot perform Battle Actions. A Transforming Monster can Finish Transforming to stop being Transforming, gain up to X (where X is the amount of Adventurers currently in the dynasty) Monstrosities of their choice, and to set their HP to default by making a blog post with the tag “[Monster]” with it stating what Monstrosities it has. Only a Monster can have Monstrosities. When a Monster ceases to be such, they also lose all of their Monstrosities.

Monstrosities are the following:

- Bulk: Max HP is increased by 100.
- Fever Aura: Whenever you perform a Battle Action, all non-Monster Adventurers lose 5 HP.
- Rotting Presence: Whenever you perform a Battle Action, the Cathedral loses 35 HP

“Ruh roh”
- Scooby Doo, 1969



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The Duke of Waltham:

11-06-2019 11:47:32 UTC

Curious… Doesn’t this give the newly minted Monster the ability to effectively pause the game at pleasure, possibly forcing the Adventurers to turn on one another in the process?

Also, can a Monster have more than one of any particular sort of Monstrosity, or only as many different sorts that are not more numerous than the Adventurers in the dynasty?


11-06-2019 12:07:12 UTC

...I didn’t realize that, actually, lol.

There is no explicit limit so, as far as I understand, you could take more than one of the same.

The Duke of Waltham:

11-06-2019 12:10:01 UTC

It could be interesting. imperial


11-06-2019 19:01:10 UTC

for Probably best to make the Transforming status time out at some point.