Thursday, September 07, 2017

Proposal: Hegemony for Nothing

Vetoed by our new King. Failed by Derrick

Adminned at 08 Sep 2017 14:57:09 UTC

Repeal the dynastic rule “Victory”.

Enact a new rule, “Unvictory”:-

A CIC who achieved victory in this dynasty, but prior to the enactment of the proposal that created this rule, is not considered to have achieved victory in this dynasty.

May as well throw this out to see what happens, if Western Coup passes but a majority of players are against it, and if the enacting admin feels like enacting things in a particular way.



09-07-2017 15:17:38 UTC


Leveraging admin advantage?


09-07-2017 15:31:35 UTC



09-07-2017 15:32:29 UTC

Note: Admin advantage is a real thing, and mostly is about timing. remember it when you build proposals.


09-07-2017 16:00:48 UTC

If there were an active queue of “random player wins” and “actually that player doesn’t win” proposals, both Popular and ready to enact, then an unbiased admin would enact both in sequence without taking any game actions in between. I accept that Card and Derrick would probably choose to instead enact the first and then stop, here - I don’t know how much difference the die roll outcome would make to them.


09-08-2017 08:38:35 UTC

against Ah well.