Friday, January 04, 2008


New player here.  I’ll just be voting and watching the game- I don’t plan to win.



04-01-2008 00:50:14 UTC

Welcome to the Fun.  ;)


04-01-2008 00:55:12 UTC

Well, you should at least try to win. I’ll add to you to the GNDT and the Active player list. Note that you can’t vote until this is done. It’ll be done in just a few moments, so any votes you have cast are technically illegal, but since they were cast just before I activated you, should be ok. To be safe, you can just re-vote after being activated.


04-01-2008 00:58:04 UTC

You are activated. Welcome! I’ll PM you your GNDT pass.


04-01-2008 01:00:51 UTC

Quorum Remains 7.