Friday, March 26, 2010

Hello again :)

Thanks for enacting “my” Call for Judgement. I am happy I can do something now :)

Unfortunately, I assume the enacting was not right. At first my inventions should have been dismantled (which would have increased some amounts of my Resources). Then the median values of all Resources is to be calculated and my Resource Amounts are set to these medians. So there is a difference between simply ignoring my inventions and really dismantling them.

Would be nice, if someone fixed that.

Kind regards, Keba.



03-26-2010 14:33:11 UTC

Apologies for the mistake, but how would your increased values have affected the median? If you can see a mistake please feel free to correct it - sadly I don’t have time to go through the numbers now :-/


03-26-2010 15:20:46 UTC

I would get 37 Iron, 29 Wood, 3 Quicksilver, 8 Cogs and 5 Gems for dismantling, so I would own 13 Coal, 47 Iron, 34 Wood, 4 Quicksilver, 8 Cogs and 4 Gems.

If I calculated right, some Resources should be changed: Wood to 11 and quicksilver and Caffeine to 3. Caffeine should be 3, even without dismantling my Invention.


03-26-2010 15:23:10 UTC

If you say so! You can go ahead and change it.

(Apologies on Caffeine - I thought it was rounding down, as is conventional.)


03-26-2010 15:30:47 UTC


But someone should check whether these values are right of course.