Monday, March 23, 2020

Hello mates, looking to join the game.

As you heard from the title, I am planning to join this current game of BlogNomic. I will promise to follow the rules of the game as a proud player of BlogNomic.



03-23-2020 06:11:00 UTC

Join the mush pot, Jimothy! Bid 2^100 or so and you might even get something at the royal auction!

Kevan: HE/HIM

03-23-2020 10:16:16 UTC

Welcome to Versailles! Quorum rises to 8.

Louis XIV will assign you a Mentor soon: if you have any questions in the mean time, you can ask in blog comments or join us on the Slack channel.


03-23-2020 10:17:18 UTC

Kevan, would you be willing to act as Jimothy’s Mentor?

Kevan: HE/HIM

03-23-2020 11:08:40 UTC

Sure, happy to.