Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Ascension Address: Here There Be Monsters

A lone flask sits bubbling, but something pans out, leaving a wrecked lab, up through a hole in a crashed ship, past an assortment of odd creatures, now through the layers of clouds and gas swaddling a lone planet, further out, past a giant flare, zooming further out until its view is of a large milky spiral. And now it tips downward, and alights on the eyes of a stargazer staring at the field of lights. Suddenly the view is obscured by a great beast swooping down from the sky, and the viewer runs to shelter as sounds of marching boots emanate from the near castle. A barrage of arrows emerge from various points on the ground, and the creature turns and flees, projectiles trailing behind it, roaring all the time. Several figures in rusting chainmail breathe sighs of relief, and head back to inform their ailing lord of the news.

Repeal all Dynastic Rules, and replace “Atom” with “Knight” and “Overlord” with “Baron” throughout the Ruleset.


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