Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ascension Address: Here We Go Again

Welcome to our planet….

This is Blogia, the 99th Colony of the Once and Future Empire. Blogia is an enormous dark planet, located lightyears from its nearest neighbor. Though remote, the soil is rich, and colony’s minerals bring in a substantial income from across the galaxy.

The Colony has received orders and conducted discussions with the Empire via the Ansible, a method of communication which can move information faster than light. As the most talented and savvy citizens, you have risen to positions of power: bureaucrats, businessmen, clergy. You are the Power Players of Blogia.

But suddenly, the Ansible has gone dark. Nothing coming in, no response going out. It is unclear whether technical failure, invasion, or sabotage is to blame. Without the Ansible, citizens must now use the antiquated Net for communication. More gravely, without contact with the Empire, the colony’s balance of power has begun to disintegrate. Now the real games begin. Who will control Blogia?

Replace Musician with Player. Replace Frontman with Net. Repeal all dynastic rules except “Koen’s Band”.

Ground rules (please avoid these so I can avoid vetoes): Randomness, actions that don’t sync with the 72 hour direction cycle, anything involving Marco Materazzi.


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