Monday, March 29, 2010

Hermit Society Announcement

The Hermit Society is proud to announce the acceptance of their newest member, Roujo! After a long and perilous trip, the aforementioned Commoner has decided that “this world is too complicated to be lived fully”, and thus has decided to retire to his workshop for all of eternity (or until another ruler takes the mantle, whichever comes first).

In accordance to article 5, section A, paragraph 2 of the Hermit Code:

Anyone who enters the Hermit Society must immediately declare his idling in any and all Nomic games he is currently playing, save those where idling is not possible.

The Society hereby requests that the Commoner named Roujo be idled.

The possibilities…
They are endless…
Unlike my mind, it seems.



03-30-2010 02:17:55 UTC

Goodbye to Roujo
There are ten Commoners now
Quorum remains six.