Monday, January 23, 2006

Proposal: He’s got a vicious left-hook, har har

Timed out, 4-6. While not technically a filibuster, that was a smart move, Excalabur. -Elias IX

Adminned at 25 Jan 2006 15:42:10 UTC

If the Proposal titled “Care to put some doubloons on that?” failed, this Proposal does nothing.

Add a sub-rule to Gambling called Duel Wagers:-

Any Swashbuckler may put a wager on the outcome of a duel which e is not a party to, naming eir predicted winner of the duel.

Change this line in Duelling:-

To do so, e must make a post to the front page containing the name of eir opponent, the location onboard the ship, and the outcome of the duel, preferably with some descriptive text.


To do so, e must make a post to the front page containing the name of eir opponent and the location onboard the ship. E may allow up to 24 hours to give time for wagers to be placed before determining the outcome of the duel, which should be given in the comments to the Duel, preferably with some descriptive text. The duel still occurs in that location of the ship, even if the Swashbucklers have since moved.



01-23-2006 21:49:01 UTC



01-23-2006 22:17:06 UTC

That was /may/, correct?

There’s no FIFO requirement, here, which may be unfortunate…


01-23-2006 22:53:28 UTC


Elias IX:

01-24-2006 00:25:30 UTC



01-24-2006 03:46:50 UTC

Excalabur, you might be right. I didn’t want the rule to constrain the current dueling system, so I made the betting period optional. Now, I think this would work better if we allowed the duel-ers to bet on themselves, too.


01-24-2006 06:10:23 UTC



01-24-2006 07:59:53 UTC

I just worry about someone /else’s/ may constraining my actions for 24h, while we wait for the betting..

Alternatively, HUGE contingency chains could be created.  either is not appealing. 

for for effort, but I must note my token against


01-24-2006 15:18:26 UTC

How does it constrain your actions? You can still initiate other duels during the 24hrs.

Kevan: HE/HIM

01-24-2006 17:08:16 UTC

against Avast! Given that you can do things to change your GPS before completing the bet-upon duel, people will be betting on (possibly even abusable) unknowns.


01-24-2006 17:40:18 UTC

Smith: Say i’ve got a GPS of 2.  Someone else initiates a duel with me, with a GPS of 3, and initates betting

Well, crap.  That’s no good.  So I tear around the ship beating people up, and get my GPS up to 4.

Alternatively, the resolution of those might all be contingent upon the bet-upon duel, which is even worse.

Angry Grasshopper:

01-24-2006 20:15:31 UTC

Time travel dueling!

Except that I don’t feel that the concept fits the theme so well..



01-25-2006 19:19:59 UTC



01-25-2006 20:06:49 UTC

Currently 5-4.  I’m deferring adminning this until some more people look at it..


01-25-2006 23:21:42 UTC



01-25-2006 23:27:16 UTC

CoV [removed]addSmiley(‘AGAINST’, ‘’) against Looking back, this seems a mite problematic