Thursday, January 15, 2009

Proposal: Hey, I was made an admin because of glitch powers, why not him?

Self-killed -Darth

Adminned at 15 Jan 2009 09:31:27 UTC

Make Wakukee an Admin.

This will actually limit his abilities, as the rules do not disallow non-admins with admin powers from doing anything.

If more than half of all comments containing counted votes also contain the text “Qwaz will make his life hell”, make Qwazukee an Admin.



01-15-2009 05:57:53 UTC

imperial Idk, they’re still pretty new to the nomic


01-15-2009 05:58:42 UTC

for  Explicit author FOR. Qwaz will make his life hell.


01-15-2009 06:03:05 UTC

imperial Qwaz will make his life hell


01-15-2009 06:03:46 UTC

against When we made DC an admin, he had been around about a month.  Once they hit that mark and have not caused suspicion for an abuse of power, I might reconsider.  Also, we don’t want to make it a precedent to make someone an admin just because of a glitch in the system.


01-15-2009 06:24:56 UTC

against Too new to the game. I am still doubting about DC as well :P


01-15-2009 08:23:47 UTC



01-15-2009 10:39:39 UTC

against COV based on Yoda’s comment


01-15-2009 15:52:10 UTC

imperial Qwaz will make his life hell

I’m willing to wait.


01-15-2009 15:59:03 UTC

Wazukee please try to edit this proposal using your pseudo-admin powers.  I found and made a change in your account type, I want to see if this resolved the issue.


01-15-2009 16:50:52 UTC

CoEAV S/K (Change of Explicit Author Vote Self-Kill)  against