Monday, September 19, 2011

Proposal: Hey! What’s eating you?

Self-killed. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 20 Sep 2011 08:35:54 UTC

Create a new rule under Hunger and Tiredness entitled “Desperate Measures”:

As a Daily Action, any Insane Survivor may Eat A Dead Survivor. That Insane Survivor then gains an Edible Item, which must be the name of a Dead Survivor, with an Edible flag, worth 10 portions. Each Dead Survivor can only be turned into an Edible Item once. Only Insane Survivors may take a bite out of a Dead Survivor. If there are no Dead Survivors, then this action cannot be performed.


Gross, I know, but I’m trying to develop a solution to our food problem.



09-19-2011 15:01:45 UTC

for Ewww! But also quite a neat design, since it provides a way to keep Insane Survivors from dying off too easily without simultaneously making it too easy to stay sane.


09-19-2011 19:40:21 UTC

against Nice one! Howver 10 portions although not much is too powerful, as the first one to log one will get the price. Strongly favors the admin enacting the proposal.


09-19-2011 20:28:38 UTC

against since it doesn’t actually prevent sane survivors from eating the item resulting from a dead survivor.


09-19-2011 20:34:23 UTC

Yes it does! “Only Insane Survivors may take a bite out of a Dead Survivor.”

Kevan: HE/HIM

09-19-2011 22:08:51 UTC

But an Edible Item that happens to be called “Doctor29” is not a Dead Survivor.

against Not entirely convinced, though. Mechanically it’s a bit clunky (“turned into an Edible Item” isn’t very clearly defined, so there’s some scope for infinite food), and it feels a bit off-theme for nutritious food to become so readily plentiful once we all get a bit more mad and dead.

Prince Anduril:

09-20-2011 07:30:06 UTC

Blacky. The idea is that the dead survivor Item could change possession like any other, so 10 portions is there to give everyone a bite.

Coppro. See bateleur’s answer.

Kevan. Good point. The penultimate sentence would need changing to say ‘Dead Survivor Item’. I’m not sure there’s scope for infinite food, as it can clearly only happen once per Survivor. I’m just thinking that only Insane people would eat another Survivor, and you can only eat them once they’ve died.

Kevan: HE/HIM

09-20-2011 08:23:53 UTC

[Anduril] Mechanically, we have “if you Eat a Dead Survivor you gain an Edible Item named after them”, and eferring to this process as “turning into an Edible Item” is probably a bit too informal. I could Eat Doctor29 and then argue that he hadn’t “turned into an Edible Item” - I hadn’t triggered any effects which explicitly said “Doctor29 turns into an Edible Item”, and he’s clearly still there as a Dead Survivor.

Kevan: HE/HIM

09-20-2011 08:27:32 UTC

(And oh, this would work anyway, because a Dead Survivor wouldn’t be considered to be a Survivor for the purposes of this rule, so the rule couldn’t “see” them.)

Prince Anduril:

09-20-2011 12:00:44 UTC

Good point. s/k.

Prince Anduril:

09-20-2011 12:01:01 UTC