Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hidden Actions

On the subject of GNDT actions being hard to see, it appears that Larry has illegally gained two Resources at [30/03 02:54] without even expending the necessary Energy. It might have been an honest mistake, but I’m posting it as an example of how hard it is (at least for me) to know what’s going on with all of these GNDT-only actions. I’m not saying that we should have posts for every action, though. I can’t think of any solutions except speeding towards the end of the dynasty.



03-31-2013 03:15:22 UTC

Agreed. Lots of mechanics don’t seem to be working out as intended, and we’re losing players.


03-31-2013 03:15:40 UTC

That was a mistake. I found it and you were right about it. I corrected my energy now. I assume that would be what should be done verse deleting the gained resources since that was what was done last time someone, me, forgot to expend an energy.


03-31-2013 03:18:08 UTC

I think people are dropping more from how much this dynasty is a daily action grind.